Fan Dance Race

Ok, so i did the triathlon. After that i actually upped the training a little bit, i signed up to the other triathlon in Leeds, with the outdoor swim. Me being from barnsley and spending my youth swimming in reservoir, canals and basically and pool of water we could finding the summer, though they would just let me jump in and start swimming. Seems they won’t and i have to buy a £100 wet suit for swimming in triathlons, Health and safety and bacteria shit apparently, so i’ve fucked that off.

I signed up for the Fan Dance Race Series in July instead, many folk i have told that i’m doing this seem to think i fucking crazy, i think they are for not trying it! So basically this is a 24KM trek over the Brecon Beacons with a 35lb backpack on. In July.

The route is part of the SAS and SBS selection process. Should be fun.

Like i said i upped the training after the Triathlon, thinking i was doing the one in Leeds, all i need to do now is increase the running, do more hill runs and more on off road tracks.

Today i ran around Langsett Reservoir, bit of road, but mainly up and down through the Dales, through woods and down rock tracks and up rocky tracks. Awesome views.

The 25:49 time is my Parkrun from Saturday 28th May, the other two are from today running around Langsett, the average time is miles longer the terrain is much, much different, plus i got lost a couple of times!!

Check out the Fan Dance at



York Triathlon

So, i completed the Triathlon. Took me just over 1 hour 30 mins, which is OK i suppose. The swim and run weren’t too bad, to do and in times. The biking was a shocker, fuck i forgot how hard it is, and the fact it makes up so much of the race, i should have practiced that more.It was a good day though, and i really enjoyed it. Will do another, and try and improve on the biking.


These are a few pictures from the day. It wasn’t too cold, just about right, but the wind was fucking harsh on the bike. I recommend checking out the York one next year if anyone gets chance.