Yamaha Tenere off road experience

next Friday is the big trip down to Wales for the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere off-road experience, so i’ve just been having a quick look and prep. I’ve got a 90 litre dry bag and a tank bag, i ditched the idea of a backpack as its a long drive there and back, and i don’t want to be uncomfortable (or anymore so than necessary).

This is all the shit going into the dry bag, tent, sleeping bag, floor matt, stool, tent peg hammer, first aid kit (you never know, and everything i’ve read says take one), tool roll, walking boots and the light green/yellow thing has clothes in it, its a fucking pearl of a think, you pack your clothes in it, then when its sleep time it turns inside out and boom, its a comfortable pillow. Awesome! http://www.adventure-spec.com/default/thermarest-stuff-sack-pillow-large.html thats the link for it. Its a Thermarest stuff sack pillow.
There is not cooking shit as thought i’ll just buy food and eat in the pub or cafe.

Thats the tank bag a Wolfman Explorer Lite, thats from Winding Roads http://www.windingroads.co.uk/shop/product.php/8/wolfman-explorer-tank-bag They have some good shit on the website, well worth checking out. I’ve already had this on and tried it out, i was a bit skeptical, wary of a tank bag. i didn’t want anything to big or bulky, i did know how’d i get on with one as i’m a fussy fucker, but this is really good, not too big and looks cool. It has some neat little features and a removable little wallet bag inside too. I could have fitted the medical kit and tool roll in there, but i thought if i take it off to carry anywhere its just unnecessary weight.

The tool roll is a Kriega one, the tool pack for the Tenere that Yamaha provide wouldn’t fit my wife’s tampon in it never mind a tool. In the shit Yamaha one is the 16mm spark plug jobbie, thats about it. In the tool roll i have 22, 19, 17, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8mm spanners, a multitool, (nothing fancy a £15 Stanley one) 4, 5, 6 and 8mm allen keys i need a 14mm one too but haven’t be arsed to go get one yet. Theres also some tie wraps, spare spark plug, needle nose pliers and a few other bits and bobs. Basically just watch this video on youtube https://youtu.be/ZuE2Jdy3EQQS


Thats it all packed up and ready, with the Rok straps throw over. There is still a few things i need to sort out on the bike but i’ve fucked them off till i come back, more to do with money and time than anything else. I need some new brake pads on rear, they will defo need doing when i’m back. I’m going to change the oil and filter too, and upgrade the front and rear sprocket and chain.

Ive also arranged to go to the local TRF group, well its not actually my local on, its the second nearest. Basically i sent some emails to the guy who runs the nearest one and the cunt never got back to me (he might not be a cunt, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation) so i emailed the next one and they got back straight away, plus they look a lot more professional in the setup, they have a dedicated website and everything!

Anyway, check out the TRF http://www.trf.org.uk/ if you’re in the UK.

Triathlon Weekend

The Sprint triathlon is Sunday, my start time is 9:07. I’m looking forward to this, i have my bike and tri suit, i’ll be like a fucking pro!!

I’m still a bit wary of the swim, i think this is mainly down to the time, and what exactly happens if i go over? this being my first one i have no idea what will happen, will i get penalised? throw out, jeered, punched or just tutted at?

I don’t think ill be too far off the target time though, and it should be easier than the pool i’ve been training in, and the ridiculous shorts that weigh a ton when wet anyway. I also have to wear a swim cap, which they provide, i’m sure i don’t need one to cover m shaven balding head, i might just colour my head in and say i’ve got one.

This is my first Sprint Triathlon, i’ve already signed up for another in another couple of months too. I’d like to do longer distances but i haven’t the time to train, i’m studying for my Chartered Financial Adviser status, I have my motorbike, i have work/businesses to do too! i don’t think i’ll have the time to train for long runs and long bike rides, which is a shame. I’ll see how it goes though, i do really like the idea of the sprint ones though, i’ll just stick with these for time being.

I’ll get some pics of me in my sexy tri suit!

Practice Tri

On Saturday i did a little practice Sprint Triathlon with my sister. I got up at 7:30 (remember this is a Saturday, and yes its not exactly early, but its still a Saturday) went to the gym for opening time and did the 400m swim. Then onto the Nostel Parkrun for the 5k part, i took my bike in the boot of the car and after the Parkrun did a nice 15k on the bike.

Obviously there was time from the swim to Parkrun and from Parkrun to bike ride. The swim took me about 8 minutes, the 5 k took me 27 minutes, which i know is slow but i felt really good and i reckon i could have gone sub 26 mins if i hadn’t have held back. The bike ride took about 40 minutes.

I have no idea about the times i should be aiming for, being as this is my first one. I have googled beginner times, which spits out a load of shit, but i did kind of find this

  • 400m Swim is around 10 mins
  • 18k Bike is around 45 – 60 mins and
  • 5k run is around 31 mins

I have no idea if this is anywhere near right, I have signed up for another on though in June. This one is in Leeds and is only a 200m swim in open water though, 5k run, 20k bike ride. I really need to practice on the bike!

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.18.05.png

This is the data from the run.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 21.18.32.png

This is from the bike, i never really felt pushed, tired or out of breath on the bike, but my legs were in bits on the hills, i’m assuming this is due to the fact i haven’t really ridden a bike for like 10 years! I thought i could get away with little or no practice on the bike, as from my memory riding a bike as a kid was easy! I’m a dick!

The triathlon is around York though, and there isn’t any hills around York, so i’m hoping this really helps me out with the run and biking.


So on Thursday i got the new tyres fitted, thanks to SPS Motorcycles in Barnsley. I got the Michelin T63’s.IMG_4044.PNG


They look awesome, ride good on the road too, so far anyway, not vibration or anything. So far so good. This one is the front.


This one is the back, looks sweet too.



I’ll update on more road and off-road use when i get a chance, after the Wales trip more than likely.

XT660Z New Parts

Got a few new additions, one planned, one spur of the moment. I bought the BarkBusters with the Storm guard, these are something i needed for Wales trip at end of month. Wow, just wow, having rode without these and having cold hands, i can say that these are the best thing i have bought. Went for a little tester ride with them on yesterday, Saturday at 17:00 at beginning of April in Yorkshire, it was around 7 degrees. Never felt any wind, hands didn’t get cold, absolutely worth every penny to stop the weather. Have no idea about protection of hands, levers etc on crashing, i will update on that if it happens! i also bought some new levers of eBay, nice shinny black ones with red adjustable thingys.  They look good and work well, although the play in the clutch is now very small and is right at the back end of letting the lever out, which means i now have to fuck about with the clutch to get it right for me. Shouldn’t take long its just a ball ache.


Thats how they came, its upside down i know, but i having no fucking idea how to turn it round on here and its doing my nut in. I got the Storm guard as it is the one on the net folk said to use for the weather, the BarkBuster guards are smaller and don’t protect as much from wind and rain (apparently).

A few snaps from my trip out, one from the front, and a couple from the side with the little castle in the background.

Additions so far, Centre Stand, Adventure-Spec Bash Plate, TourTech luggage rack, K&N Air Filter, Iridium spark plug, BarkBusters, CNC Levers and fuck me i have just realised i need some off/on road tyres the ones i have the Michelin Siracs, which are really good on road, but not so much on trails, gras and mud, especially when wet. Which is a fucker!!!!

Looking at the Michelin T63’s, there is some much shit to trawl through on the web regarding tyres that i have settled on these and if they are shit then hey ho, i’ll figure it out for myself.