Training catch up

Ok, so i signed up for the North York Moors Coastal run, was looking at the half marathon, but decided to fuck it and jump on for the Marathon. IMG_4428.PNG

This is it, basically its across the Moors on the East Coast, for a bit of perspective, the fastest time this has been done is 4:05, thats more than 2 hours slower than a normal marathon!

These are a few of the runs i’ve done over the last 2 weeks, plus i’ve been swimming and some X-Training too. The first is me running to my sisters, around 10 mile, off road, few up hills and downhills, 10 mile all in all. Felt good after too. The next ones are my swimming session, followed by Nostel Parkrun, that was a bad time 26:45. I was going for around 23/24 mins, for some reason i ate a bag of sweets on the drive there! I threw up twice running road, lesson learnt!

The next one is the 6km one, this is 1km hill sprints. In total three sprints up, and three jogs back down, this is followed by the steady 10km on Thursday. This was a build up the the Saturday big run.


And this was Saturdays run, the time is a bit out due to me messing about to much, its more like 3:15. This was in the Peak district, up Win Hill, down to Hope, then back up towards Mam Tor, down to Edale before you get to actual Mam Tor. Then back round and back up to Win Hill. Very Hilly, took a few wrong turns, got lost in a field for 20 mins! but made it. Some awesome views too.

The problem i have, as you can see is Polar says 21.59km which is 13.4 miles. Garmin however says 21.91 miles which is 35.26km. This is a fucking huge distance to be out by! But using google maps and measure distance, i can roughly retrace the steps. Putting it at about 14 mile.

Few picks of the views.

Peak District
Towards Mam Tor
Looking to Mam Tor
Top of Win Hill
Top of Win Hill