Barcelona Trip

Unfortunately this wasn’t on my motorbike, that would have been cool, but the wife wouldn’t have liked!

We stopped in the W Hotel, this is definitely the place to stay, it is unbelievable. Smack on the beach, everywhere is walkable too. Its not cheap to stay but fuck is it worth it, the food and drinks are awesome. I had to try and keep the training going so i went to the hotel gym, and ran down the beach front (not on the sand as why would i make things harder for myself). We also did a shed load of walking all over, didn’t bother with taxis and metros, just walked.

Thats some of the hotel, room, bar area and corridor (cool hotel corridor i thought). The view for the window is what you see laid in bed, the window is floor to ceiling with the bed facing out.

These are a few sights, i’m not much of a photo taker. It bores the fuck out of me, they are all just off my phone, when i remember to take some.

York Triathlon April 2016

I entered this as its something i’ve always wanted to do. I’ve done the Tough Guy a few times, some 10k’s, half marathons etc.

I haven’t properly swum for sometime, but i’m getting better at this, i need to improve as on registration i put my time down as 8:00 for 400m. Yeah its only a sprint triathlon to start with. The running i’m ok with, i do the parkrun every saturday, i’m pretty used to 5k. I’ve never actually been on a road bike before, mountain bike yes, motorbike yes, never a road bike though! I got told i need to practice or my arse is going to suffer from the biking! I have just over 1 month! Bought a bike yesterday from Evans Cycles, i get 50% off with my Vitality insurance, i bought the cheapest road bike on the site! I figure i’m not going to win the triathlon anyway so spending £2,000 to shave of 1 minute of time doesn’t quite add up. i bought a helmet too, apparently no helmet no triathlon.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 17.58.42.png

Thats the bike, a Fuji Sportif 2.3 2015 Road Bike, it has 3 reviews and a 4.5 star rating out of 5. I know absolutely fuck all about the bike, or any other road bike. People kept telling loads of different shit, i should spend as much as possible on a frame and build the bike!! I should spend at least £2,000. I just nodded along with them, while all the while thinking they’re fucking mad, who spends £2,000 on a push bike, for their first bike! Who spends £2,000 on a push bike unless your a fucking pro!

I did the same with the helmet as the bike, bought the cheapest one on the website! I could regret that more than buying a cheap bike i reckon. It was half price though, it should have £45, and again it has 4.5 stars out of 5 with 3 ratings!

The bike came.

Not been anywhere though on the bike, weekend in Barca, and its England, the weather is shit. Bough a bottle holder and some foot holder grip things (don’t know the technical name). Hoping to get out on it this week sometime, or the weekend. I need to get my arse used to riding, or i’m going to suffer!

Productive Weekend

Is this the saddest thing in the world or what? today i practiced putting up and taking down my tent! I also load the bike and had a play round with the Rok Straps, they’re a good bit kit, very sturdy, nothings going to move with them bad boys.


Very sad, but i needed to practice as its a new tent and i had no idea how to put it up. Don’t want to pitch up at the campsite in Wales with no fucking clue, and me getting frustrated!

Weekend Update

So i fitted the luggage rack from Touratech and base plate/crash bars from Adventure Spec. The luggage rack was a piece of piss. Looks good too, can get a lot more stuff on there now.



The Bash plate/Crash bar took me a little longer and was a little annoying at the end, it went on with a bit of wiggling about. The ball ache came when i had to put the regulator/rectifier back that was small, tight and wank to do, managed it in the end though.


It does look good, and provides a lot more protection than the plastic cover i took off. Would recommend this if your going to have a go at off-road adventures at some point. I have the Yamaha Tenere off-road experience in Wales coming up and i’m going to join my local TRF too for a bit of Green Lane riding. The nearest one is Clowne in Derbyshire.

Weekend sorted

My newly ordered bike extras have arrived through the post, my Adventure Spec Bash plate and the TourTech luggage rack. The luggage rack is a lot bigger than i expected, which is good. Can’t wait to get it on the bike, but this won’t happen till weekend as i have a presentation for work, and shed loads of stuff to finish for next week. Although after Wednesday next off to Barcelona for a few days.


This is the luggage rack, nice and sturdy with lots of points to hook shit on.



And thats the Bash plate, took me a while on what to decide on, but this seems to be the best out there.

Little warm up trip.


Had a little ride out today in practice for next month. Trip to Wales, booked on the Yamaha off-road experience, and camping in Wales. Travel down Friday, have Friday night camping, Saturday is the experience. Saturday night camping, as i don’t fancy 6 hours on a bike, then a 4 hour drive back to Yorkshire.

In prep for this i have ordered a few add on bits for the Tenere, got the Adventure-Spec crash plate coming and the Tour Tech luggage rack. I like the look of the Tour Tech luggage rack more. I’ve already added a centre stand to the bike, and hopefully these bits will be here before next weekend. I’ll put up some photos.

I made a little list of things i want to add on, I’m looking at some Bark Busters, but with the Storm guard. I’d like to the Pivot Pegs too and a rad guard.