Not the best start, still going to smash it!

Ok, so first post for a while. Not that i haven’t done anything, just forgot about the blog!! Been on holiday over Christmas and New Year!

I injured my knee, and have had about 4 – 5 weeks off, so no running (at all), no cycling (well a bit) and i still swam, stretched etc!

My knee is ‘runners knee’ a problem with my IT band. This is due to my wanky leg muscles, not some being stronger than others and my knee compensating for the shitty muscles, and my poor flexibility.

The remedy is rather simple, but still frustrating, with not being able to run, or do what i wanted, i feel like not only i have lost 4 – 5 weeks of no training, but i must be like 2 – 3 months behind with the fitness i have lost (thats an assumption! as i haven’t really tested it yet). So i basically need to strengthen my leg muscles, my hips, improve my flexibility and do a lot of foam rolling. The strengthening part isn’t me doing squats with 120kg, its much easier! I went to Yoga classes, did my stretches, did my strengthening exercise and foam rolled, and at this point i would like to thank YouTube and everyone on there.


Saturday was the first time i ran, did 1km, uphill, cause running downhill is bad for the knee. That right there is what you want to hear, you can’t run for a month, and when you do start, its all up bastard hills! An yesterday i ran 3km, uphill and flat! Feeling like i’m getting somewhere now. The problem is i have a 10mile trail run on Saturday! And my opinion is fucking do it, i haven’t got a medal this year yet and its Feb!

Anyway, apart from the wank knee, i was meant to have a race in Jan, but couldn’t compete, so i marshalled instead. This was actually really enjoyable, although stood in freezing cold weather, it was in the Peak District and to interact with the other competitors was really good, i was on a food station too which was cool. I recommend everyone should do this. Go volunteer if you’re not racing, it helps keeps the races going and makes sure the events can happen.

Anyway, apart from the no exercise, as such. I had to occupy myself, the motorbike is in the garage waiting for the summer, so i thought i’d get things sorted for the better weather, and the camping trips. Panniers and rack for the bike!