Peak District – Training

Yesterday i went stomping around the peak district as the last weekend before the Fan Dance in Wales. Started off near the Yorkshire Bridge near Ladybower Res. Went to the top of Win Hill, which is a climb of 300meters in 1.2km, pretty steep climb. The record to get to the top is like 15 mins, so in comparison running a normally is like 4mins 30 secs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.25.37

Thats the top of Win Hill.

This was mainly walking and some running on the flats, downhills, and a few inclines. The other week i did 19km in 2hours 30mins, this was 22km and took 4hours 50mins. Big difference! It is an absolute spectacular place.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.37.32.png

Something a little bit like that, i actually don’t feel to bad today. My legs ache and i need a good stretch. I had a back pack on, around 30 – 35lbs. The weather was very hit and miss, sunny, windy, showers then full on rain and sleet, then back to sunny! made for an interesting time though. Saw plenty of kids doing the DofE too.

These are from the polar heart monitor, and fuck me does that drain the battery on my phone having this thing on all the time. From setting off with 100%, as soon as i got in my car the battery was dead. I have a portable charger, which i’ll have to remember to take next time, and on the Fan Dance too!


That is a view of the hill we walked up from Win Hill then down the valley through Edale back up and around back to Win Hill and down to Ladybower Res.

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