Little warm up trip.


Had a little ride out today in practice for next month. Trip to Wales, booked on the Yamaha off-road experience, and camping in Wales. Travel down Friday, have Friday night camping, Saturday is the experience. Saturday night camping, as i don’t fancy 6 hours on a bike, then a 4 hour drive back to Yorkshire.

In prep for this i have ordered a few add on bits for the Tenere, got the Adventure-Spec crash plate coming and the Tour Tech luggage rack. I like the look of the Tour Tech luggage rack more. I’ve already added a centre stand to the bike, and hopefully these bits will be here before next weekend. I’ll put up some photos.

I made a little list of things i want to add on, I’m looking at some Bark Busters, but with the Storm guard. I’d like to the Pivot Pegs too and a rad guard.



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