Off-Road ADV Ride & Llanidoles

Last Friday i went on the Yamaha off-road experience check it out. I did the Tenere experience, seeing as i have a Tenere!

This is in Wales just outside a village called Llanidoles, this is the Village where the River Severn starts, nice little place too. I went down on the Friday, it took around 5 – 6 hours i think to get there, around 150 miles. Didn’t touch the motorway and passed some awesome scenery and through some cool little villages on the back route. Had a few pit stops as i proper fucked up with the packing on the way down. My back and legs were killing me, school boy error, which i corrected on the way back, much more enjoyable ride.

This is what i basically took, the Wolfman tank bag, and the waterproof held bag. Thats the tackle i put in it, normal shit, tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, stool, pillow bag, stove, cup, food/drink, mobile charger, gaffer tape, tool roll, torch etc. You can see the way i packed the bag, basically boxed me in so i couldn’t move.

the ADR off-road riding started around half 10, i did it on mu own bike, a few other guys used the places bike. I bought my bike to be used for off-road, green-laning and riding, and i wanted to give it ago. The trails where in a woods and old shale quarry, it was 10,000 acres with 100s of miles of trials in it. There were mud tracks and shale tracks, i managed to do good no major offs. Its a lot more scary than i thought going 40 – 50 mph around shale tracks and the back sliding round corners but you get used to it. We were shown how to ride off-road, the cornering, and standing up on the bike. We covered around 100 miles in the day around different, with about 80% of that off-road, the day was overall around 8 hours long, about 6 hours riding.

Pics of the bike at the campsite, on the trails, and when i’ve washed it at home. If you have a Yamaha XT660Z or 1200 i would absolutely recommend this trip, people come from all over to do it, i mean like there was a guy from France and another guy from Switzerland there.


This is Lianidoles, small little village but pretty cool to walk round for a few days, some nice pubs which i had a few pints in and a few meals. Worth looking up if your in the area.


Last night on the campsite, laid on the bike with a cup of red wine before the journey home, up at 6:30, packed up and set off for 7:30. Packed the bike up a different way and was a awesome journey home with no aches or pains. Last pic is obviously the clocks, 413 miles covered. Didn’t have much chance to take photos of the actually day, but fuck it, i’ll do it again, and take more next time.



New Stuff for ME!

The weather is picking up and my bike gear is getting a little hot, the jacket i have is the AlpineStars Andes. Awesome jacket, fully water proof and has a removable thermal lining. Does the job 80% of the time in the UK! Its a bit restrictive off road but still works well. Anyway i wanted something that looked a little cooler, was protective and good off road. Obviously it won’t be as good protective wise on the road as the full jacket, but i’m not a crazy speed rider and the bike is nowhere near a sports bike!

I opted for the Knox armoured shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.18.16.png

It has all the amour need, all CE rated and is a mesh shirt so is cool to where (temperature wise, and cool as in cool!). I then opted for a motocross jersey to go over the top. They’ve not arrived yet, but my excitement is pretty big to get my hands on these. I got them both from worth a look if you have bike, and live in the UK.

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 12.33.01

Yamaha Tenere off road experience

next Friday is the big trip down to Wales for the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere off-road experience, so i’ve just been having a quick look and prep. I’ve got a 90 litre dry bag and a tank bag, i ditched the idea of a backpack as its a long drive there and back, and i don’t want to be uncomfortable (or anymore so than necessary).

This is all the shit going into the dry bag, tent, sleeping bag, floor matt, stool, tent peg hammer, first aid kit (you never know, and everything i’ve read says take one), tool roll, walking boots and the light green/yellow thing has clothes in it, its a fucking pearl of a think, you pack your clothes in it, then when its sleep time it turns inside out and boom, its a comfortable pillow. Awesome! thats the link for it. Its a Thermarest stuff sack pillow.
There is not cooking shit as thought i’ll just buy food and eat in the pub or cafe.

Thats the tank bag a Wolfman Explorer Lite, thats from Winding Roads They have some good shit on the website, well worth checking out. I’ve already had this on and tried it out, i was a bit skeptical, wary of a tank bag. i didn’t want anything to big or bulky, i did know how’d i get on with one as i’m a fussy fucker, but this is really good, not too big and looks cool. It has some neat little features and a removable little wallet bag inside too. I could have fitted the medical kit and tool roll in there, but i thought if i take it off to carry anywhere its just unnecessary weight.

The tool roll is a Kriega one, the tool pack for the Tenere that Yamaha provide wouldn’t fit my wife’s tampon in it never mind a tool. In the shit Yamaha one is the 16mm spark plug jobbie, thats about it. In the tool roll i have 22, 19, 17, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8mm spanners, a multitool, (nothing fancy a £15 Stanley one) 4, 5, 6 and 8mm allen keys i need a 14mm one too but haven’t be arsed to go get one yet. Theres also some tie wraps, spare spark plug, needle nose pliers and a few other bits and bobs. Basically just watch this video on youtube


Thats it all packed up and ready, with the Rok straps throw over. There is still a few things i need to sort out on the bike but i’ve fucked them off till i come back, more to do with money and time than anything else. I need some new brake pads on rear, they will defo need doing when i’m back. I’m going to change the oil and filter too, and upgrade the front and rear sprocket and chain.

Ive also arranged to go to the local TRF group, well its not actually my local on, its the second nearest. Basically i sent some emails to the guy who runs the nearest one and the cunt never got back to me (he might not be a cunt, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation) so i emailed the next one and they got back straight away, plus they look a lot more professional in the setup, they have a dedicated website and everything!

Anyway, check out the TRF if you’re in the UK.


So on Thursday i got the new tyres fitted, thanks to SPS Motorcycles in Barnsley. I got the Michelin T63’s.IMG_4044.PNG


They look awesome, ride good on the road too, so far anyway, not vibration or anything. So far so good. This one is the front.


This one is the back, looks sweet too.



I’ll update on more road and off-road use when i get a chance, after the Wales trip more than likely.

XT660Z New Parts

Got a few new additions, one planned, one spur of the moment. I bought the BarkBusters with the Storm guard, these are something i needed for Wales trip at end of month. Wow, just wow, having rode without these and having cold hands, i can say that these are the best thing i have bought. Went for a little tester ride with them on yesterday, Saturday at 17:00 at beginning of April in Yorkshire, it was around 7 degrees. Never felt any wind, hands didn’t get cold, absolutely worth every penny to stop the weather. Have no idea about protection of hands, levers etc on crashing, i will update on that if it happens! i also bought some new levers of eBay, nice shinny black ones with red adjustable thingys.  They look good and work well, although the play in the clutch is now very small and is right at the back end of letting the lever out, which means i now have to fuck about with the clutch to get it right for me. Shouldn’t take long its just a ball ache.


Thats how they came, its upside down i know, but i having no fucking idea how to turn it round on here and its doing my nut in. I got the Storm guard as it is the one on the net folk said to use for the weather, the BarkBuster guards are smaller and don’t protect as much from wind and rain (apparently).

A few snaps from my trip out, one from the front, and a couple from the side with the little castle in the background.

Additions so far, Centre Stand, Adventure-Spec Bash Plate, TourTech luggage rack, K&N Air Filter, Iridium spark plug, BarkBusters, CNC Levers and fuck me i have just realised i need some off/on road tyres the ones i have the Michelin Siracs, which are really good on road, but not so much on trails, gras and mud, especially when wet. Which is a fucker!!!!

Looking at the Michelin T63’s, there is some much shit to trawl through on the web regarding tyres that i have settled on these and if they are shit then hey ho, i’ll figure it out for myself.

Productive Weekend

Is this the saddest thing in the world or what? today i practiced putting up and taking down my tent! I also load the bike and had a play round with the Rok Straps, they’re a good bit kit, very sturdy, nothings going to move with them bad boys.


Very sad, but i needed to practice as its a new tent and i had no idea how to put it up. Don’t want to pitch up at the campsite in Wales with no fucking clue, and me getting frustrated!

Weekend Update

So i fitted the luggage rack from Touratech and base plate/crash bars from Adventure Spec. The luggage rack was a piece of piss. Looks good too, can get a lot more stuff on there now.



The Bash plate/Crash bar took me a little longer and was a little annoying at the end, it went on with a bit of wiggling about. The ball ache came when i had to put the regulator/rectifier back that was small, tight and wank to do, managed it in the end though.


It does look good, and provides a lot more protection than the plastic cover i took off. Would recommend this if your going to have a go at off-road adventures at some point. I have the Yamaha Tenere off-road experience in Wales coming up and i’m going to join my local TRF too for a bit of Green Lane riding. The nearest one is Clowne in Derbyshire.

Weekend sorted

My newly ordered bike extras have arrived through the post, my Adventure Spec Bash plate and the TourTech luggage rack. The luggage rack is a lot bigger than i expected, which is good. Can’t wait to get it on the bike, but this won’t happen till weekend as i have a presentation for work, and shed loads of stuff to finish for next week. Although after Wednesday next off to Barcelona for a few days.


This is the luggage rack, nice and sturdy with lots of points to hook shit on.



And thats the Bash plate, took me a while on what to decide on, but this seems to be the best out there.

Little warm up trip.


Had a little ride out today in practice for next month. Trip to Wales, booked on the Yamaha off-road experience, and camping in Wales. Travel down Friday, have Friday night camping, Saturday is the experience. Saturday night camping, as i don’t fancy 6 hours on a bike, then a 4 hour drive back to Yorkshire.

In prep for this i have ordered a few add on bits for the Tenere, got the Adventure-Spec crash plate coming and the Tour Tech luggage rack. I like the look of the Tour Tech luggage rack more. I’ve already added a centre stand to the bike, and hopefully these bits will be here before next weekend. I’ll put up some photos.

I made a little list of things i want to add on, I’m looking at some Bark Busters, but with the Storm guard. I’d like to the Pivot Pegs too and a rad guard.