Weekend Update

So i fitted the luggage rack from Touratech and base plate/crash bars from Adventure Spec. The luggage rack was a piece of piss. Looks good too, can get a lot more stuff on there now.



The Bash plate/Crash bar took me a little longer and was a little annoying at the end, it went on with a bit of wiggling about. The ball ache came when i had to put the regulator/rectifier back that was small, tight and wank to do, managed it in the end though.


It does look good, and provides a lot more protection than the plastic cover i took off. Would recommend this if your going to have a go at off-road adventures at some point. I have the Yamaha Tenere off-road experience in Wales coming up and i’m going to join my local TRF too for a bit of Green Lane riding. The nearest one is Clowne in Derbyshire.

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