Barcelona Trip

Unfortunately this wasn’t on my motorbike, that would have been cool, but the wife wouldn’t have liked!

We stopped in the W Hotel, this is definitely the place to stay, it is unbelievable. Smack on the beach, everywhere is walkable too. Its not cheap to stay but fuck is it worth it, the food and drinks are awesome. I had to try and keep the training going so i went to the hotel gym, and ran down the beach front (not on the sand as why would i make things harder for myself). We also did a shed load of walking all over, didn’t bother with taxis and metros, just walked.

Thats some of the hotel, room, bar area and corridor (cool hotel corridor i thought). The view for the window is what you see laid in bed, the window is floor to ceiling with the bed facing out.

These are a few sights, i’m not much of a photo taker. It bores the fuck out of me, they are all just off my phone, when i remember to take some.

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