XT660Z New Parts

Got a few new additions, one planned, one spur of the moment. I bought the BarkBusters with the Storm guard, these are something i needed for Wales trip at end of month. Wow, just wow, having rode without these and having cold hands, i can say that these are the best thing i have bought. Went for a little tester ride with them on yesterday, Saturday at 17:00 at beginning of April in Yorkshire, it was around 7 degrees. Never felt any wind, hands didn’t get cold, absolutely worth every penny to stop the weather. Have no idea about protection of hands, levers etc on crashing, i will update on that if it happens! i also bought some new levers of eBay, nice shinny black ones with red adjustable thingys.  They look good and work well, although the play in the clutch is now very small and is right at the back end of letting the lever out, which means i now have to fuck about with the clutch to get it right for me. Shouldn’t take long its just a ball ache.


Thats how they came, its upside down i know, but i having no fucking idea how to turn it round on here and its doing my nut in. I got the Storm guard as it is the one on the net folk said to use for the weather, the BarkBuster guards are smaller and don’t protect as much from wind and rain (apparently).

A few snaps from my trip out, one from the front, and a couple from the side with the little castle in the background.

Additions so far, Centre Stand, Adventure-Spec Bash Plate, TourTech luggage rack, K&N Air Filter, Iridium spark plug, BarkBusters, CNC Levers and fuck me i have just realised i need some off/on road tyres the ones i have the Michelin Siracs, which are really good on road, but not so much on trails, gras and mud, especially when wet. Which is a fucker!!!!

Looking at the Michelin T63’s, there is some much shit to trawl through on the web regarding tyres that i have settled on these and if they are shit then hey ho, i’ll figure it out for myself.

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