Fandance Training so far…..

Been doing the training for this, below are some snippets of what i’ve been doing, there is some Parkrun 5ks, runs around Langsett Reservoir and Winscar Reservoir, and a 10k around where i live.

The Langsett Res one, i rode on my bike, packed all the gear into the rucksack and ran round, it wasn’t nearly as bad as i thought it would be. There are some half decent hills too. The Winscar Res is shite compared to Langsett, both for training and the scenery. The 10k was just around where i live but there is some nice hills around there. Tomorrow is fill up the rucksack and a jog/walk on the Trans Pennine Trail. Doing the Dunford Bridge to Wortley, this is a 21 mile trip. I have no idea if there are any hills etc. Soon find out.

I have been continuing with the swimming, and gym work. The gym work has been mainly compound exercises and rowing. Been mainly doing interval training on the rower and squats, dead-lifts, shoulder presses etc.

Everything is going good, and i’m looking at maybe a marathon in October too. Road running is fucking boring though.



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