Stone Roses

Ok, so in the travel heading, maybe not the right one, but fuck it i travelled to Manchester for it. Last night was the Stone Roses gig in Manchester at the Eithad Stadium. When i was a kid i started listening to the Stone Roses, favourite band and have been for like20 years. I was too young to have ever have seen them the first time round, and by the time i started listening they had split. Which probably makes all the Stone Roses fans who saw the first time round feel very old! To be able to get to see these live was absolutly awesome, the best gig ever, just because its them. The gig was actually amazing, it had 4/5 star rating in The Times for their Wednesday gig and the Metro had raved about it too. It will not, and i was not disappointed, and i recon neither were the other 60,000 folk there. Go fucking see this band before its too late.


This is one of the great bands from the UK, the playlist for the gig will not disappoint. Absolutly amazing day/night, and of course we had a few beers in Manchester before, we headed up to the Northern Quarter, had a few beers and a burger in the Tin Street Tavern and watched the Italy game. Great little pub, well worth a visit and beer in. We also went to the Tariff & Dale, good bar, definitely go in hear, plus the bar women has some awesome tattoos. They do good Ale though, not fosters/carling shit, and they sell a good selection of gins.

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