Last Sunday i ran from Penistone to Home, which is about 20km. Penistone/Oxspring is in Barnsley and is very hilly. Once out of the hills it was pretty much flat, this was on the Trans Pennine Trail. Pretty good run, i also had the backpack on, around 20kgs. I didn’t take enough water or food, major mistake. About 5km from home i’d run out of water, and i’d only taken a litre anyway! Amateur mistake, and all i’d eaten on the run was one Mars bar, which was munched on at random times along the run.

Through the week i mainly did gym work, few weights, rowing and swimming. This Saturday i did the 5km Parkrun at Nostell. Was the 100th run at Nostell big turn out, good run. I then went onto the gym, few weights and then a swim.

My plan was to go on a big run today, but i’ve woken up stiff! so i’ve smashed some Yoga this morning and i’m off to the gym later on. Big run will have to wait for the middle of the week!

Also i’ve found a Half Marathon across the North Yorkshire Moors in October, i’m signing up!

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