More Training

Not got as much training in as usual over the last two weeks or so, mainly because i had a bank holiday weekend trip to Bath.

Anyway I did a 10km on 18/08/2016, 13miles on 21st, 11miles on 26th and then yesterday a half marathon (04/09/2016). One of the main fuck ups was i trained my legs in the gym doing squats, lunges etc. this set me back a few days as it killed my legs. The event is on 1st October, which isn’t too far away. After that i’m not doing anymore long runs, my knees, feet and hips are a mess! i’m too old, plus i’ve lost like a stone in weight. This might not sound bad, but even with the extra stone i wasn’t fat just bigger muscles! I now way 12st 6 and before i was always around 13st 8. I think i’m going to stick to the sprint triathlons, so i can keep my weight more with these. I’ll stick to just hiking the Peaks đŸ™‚

This is from the 13 miles on the 21st, again around the peak district.

This is going from Langsett Res towards River Derwent, this was the first time i’ve done this run and the views are awesome, and the terrain is so different all the way round, well worth it.

This is yesterdays run (04/09/2016), didn’t get any scenery pics, probably due to this being my back yard and it never crossed my mind to! This is a pretty flat, its all off road, on tails tracks and paths but its not got the climbs like the Peak District.

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