Trip to Bath

Went on a little trip to Bath, never been to Bath before so first time. It is a really nice little town, it reminded me of a miniature version of Edinburgh. The buildings are all pretty awesome, obviously Bath is famous for the Crescent.


You can go into number one, its an open house, bit like the national trust ones. Well wroth going in and have a look round, why not if your in Bath might as well!

We mainly walked around for a few days, had some good food. We stopped in the Abby hotel, and ate here one night, good food, i can defiantly recommend. The hotel is in the centre and just across from the Abbey. A good place to stay.


Bath is an amazing place to walk round, there are so many little side streets with shops and great architecture. There are some awesome places to eat and drink. The best place to drink by far is the ‘Gin Bar’. I’m assuming everyone likes gin as much as me, cause frankly why wouldn’t you?


This is Pulteney Bridge, its one of the four bridges in the world to have shops across on both sides. The other three Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Ponte Rialto in Venice, and Kramerbrucke in Erfurt (Germany).



This is the Holburne Museum, which is worth a visit, the gardens to the rear are pretty good, and so is the cider in the cafe.

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