What next!

Firstly i’m i bored of the titles, and have no idea what to call these!

Last week was pretty good, my knees are still playing up, but my stubbornness just tells me to run through the pain and carry on, i shouldn’t be responsible for my own advice! I have however done Yoga a few times in the last weeks to help my joints and flexibility, i’ve got some joint supplements from MyProtein.com and some Protein to try and help with recovery.

I started out on Monday with a 30 min cardio session in the gym, just usual stuff, press ups, pull ups, squats, bench press etc. all high reps and done quick. Then i did 500m of swimming. Wednesday i have an hour of PT which is high intensity training mainly. Thursday i did some interval training on the rower, then back in the pool for, i think about 750m swim. Saturday was a 10 mile run, this was mainly on the trans pennine trail. This isn’t road or trail i normally do, its a path designed for walkers, horse riders etc, its a path! but i didn’t want to ruin my knees. The 10miles is to my sisters, and i felt awesome, no fatigue, aches or pains, i should have really carried on, but i have a small 10km trail run this weekend, and i’m trying to let my knees recover. Plus i then spent all morning building train tracks with the nephew.

Sunday i went on a bike ride, first one in ages and first off road one in years. Only went about 25km. I went with a mate, and borrowed his spare bike, i got on my road bike to get to his which is about 10km away so i had planned to do 45km, my fucking tyre was flat when i got on it though, i was not happy, but nothing i can do at 9:30 on a Sunday morning, so i just swore and threw my toys out of the pram. The plan was the bike ride, plus the biking to my mates, then jump off when i was home and do about 5km straight off the bike. My day was ruined!! its always the small things!!

I just went with my mate, then drove to gym and swam half a mile instead, i was still mad at my bike though.

The plan is hit as many sprint tri’s and tri’s throughout the year, with some trail runs thrown in. I’m going to see where i’m at in August/Sept then maybe see if there is a half ironman at the end of the year. I still have the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and the North Yorkshire Coastal Marathon booked in too. Tomorrow i’m going to a Triathlon club, i’ll not mention my knees, unless i collapse!



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