Soooo, last week i planned to do about 10-15 miles trail run, i got to mile 8 and my knee kind of packed up! i tried to ‘jog it off’ that didn’t work too well. I’ve been doing other stuff to try and compensate, but the not running is doing my nut in. I did about 2km yesterday and a small bike ride and 1km in the gym in the middle of the week. Had a few twinges but the knee is getting better.

I’ve bought some straps, and some supplements for my joints, this is more of a future prevention than cure though. Been doing a spot of Yoga too to improve my range of motion and flexibility. Its only a 30 min class off the iPad. I daren’t go to a real class as i’m fucking terrible and have bad flexibility (at the minute)!

I have a 10km in two weeks, and booked a 17km for next year. Have the Yorkshire Marathon at the end of next year, plus the North Yorks Coastal one again (which is a week apart, fuck). I plan on doing as many Tri’s and Sprint Tri’s as possible too. My swimming is improving, which is good. The exception being i’m still not bike riding, and i’m now using dark nights as an excuse! I need to man up!

I bought some new trail running pumps too, then fucked my knee up!!!


Only managed to wear them once! They are good though, and a bargain at £32! I get 50% off with Vitality (life and health insurance) and they were also reduced due to no one buying this style due to the colour! like i care about the colour, and which sad pricks do! They are black after a few runs.

I also get 30% of Garmin too with Vitality and i though i would treat myself to the best thing ever!

This things is awesome, its the Fenix 3 HR. It literally is amazing. Before i had the polar heart monitor that worked through bluetooth on my phone which was highly annoying as i couldn’t check my heart rate or distance or anything basically without getting my phone out and fucking about. Honestly just get one, that is my review. Oh and it does indoor and outdoor swimming. Fantastic shit.


This is a new exhaust for the motorbike, the Yamaha XT660Z, the bike is wrapped up and in the garage for the winter. Then this will be going on for some adventure trips next year.


My only problem is i haven’t figured out how to properly use the Garmin Connect proper;y yet. I need to sit down and figure it out, i just figured while i’m not actually doing much i’ll figure it out when i’m busy. That makes sense doesn’t it!


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