Triathlon Weekend

The Sprint triathlon is Sunday, my start time is 9:07. I’m looking forward to this, i have my bike and tri suit, i’ll be like a fucking pro!!

I’m still a bit wary of the swim, i think this is mainly down to the time, and what exactly happens if i go over? this being my first one i have no idea what will happen, will i get penalised? throw out, jeered, punched or just tutted at?

I don’t think ill be too far off the target time though, and it should be easier than the pool i’ve been training in, and the ridiculous shorts that weigh a ton when wet anyway. I also have to wear a swim cap, which they provide, i’m sure i don’t need one to cover m shaven balding head, i might just colour my head in and say i’ve got one.

This is my first Sprint Triathlon, i’ve already signed up for another in another couple of months too. I’d like to do longer distances but i haven’t the time to train, i’m studying for my Chartered Financial Adviser status, I have my motorbike, i have work/businesses to do too! i don’t think i’ll have the time to train for long runs and long bike rides, which is a shame. I’ll see how it goes though, i do really like the idea of the sprint ones though, i’ll just stick with these for time being.

I’ll get some pics of me in my sexy tri suit!

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