Yamaha Tenere off road experience

next Friday is the big trip down to Wales for the Yamaha XT660Z Tenere off-road experience, so i’ve just been having a quick look and prep. I’ve got a 90 litre dry bag and a tank bag, i ditched the idea of a backpack as its a long drive there and back, and i don’t want to be uncomfortable (or anymore so than necessary).

This is all the shit going into the dry bag, tent, sleeping bag, floor matt, stool, tent peg hammer, first aid kit (you never know, and everything i’ve read says take one), tool roll, walking boots and the light green/yellow thing has clothes in it, its a fucking pearl of a think, you pack your clothes in it, then when its sleep time it turns inside out and boom, its a comfortable pillow. Awesome! http://www.adventure-spec.com/default/thermarest-stuff-sack-pillow-large.html thats the link for it. Its a Thermarest stuff sack pillow.
There is not cooking shit as thought i’ll just buy food and eat in the pub or cafe.

Thats the tank bag a Wolfman Explorer Lite, thats from Winding Roads http://www.windingroads.co.uk/shop/product.php/8/wolfman-explorer-tank-bag They have some good shit on the website, well worth checking out. I’ve already had this on and tried it out, i was a bit skeptical, wary of a tank bag. i didn’t want anything to big or bulky, i did know how’d i get on with one as i’m a fussy fucker, but this is really good, not too big and looks cool. It has some neat little features and a removable little wallet bag inside too. I could have fitted the medical kit and tool roll in there, but i thought if i take it off to carry anywhere its just unnecessary weight.

The tool roll is a Kriega one, the tool pack for the Tenere that Yamaha provide wouldn’t fit my wife’s tampon in it never mind a tool. In the shit Yamaha one is the 16mm spark plug jobbie, thats about it. In the tool roll i have 22, 19, 17, 14, 13, 12, 10 and 8mm spanners, a multitool, (nothing fancy a £15 Stanley one) 4, 5, 6 and 8mm allen keys i need a 14mm one too but haven’t be arsed to go get one yet. Theres also some tie wraps, spare spark plug, needle nose pliers and a few other bits and bobs. Basically just watch this video on youtube https://youtu.be/ZuE2Jdy3EQQS


Thats it all packed up and ready, with the Rok straps throw over. There is still a few things i need to sort out on the bike but i’ve fucked them off till i come back, more to do with money and time than anything else. I need some new brake pads on rear, they will defo need doing when i’m back. I’m going to change the oil and filter too, and upgrade the front and rear sprocket and chain.

Ive also arranged to go to the local TRF group, well its not actually my local on, its the second nearest. Basically i sent some emails to the guy who runs the nearest one and the cunt never got back to me (he might not be a cunt, there could be a perfectly reasonable explanation) so i emailed the next one and they got back straight away, plus they look a lot more professional in the setup, they have a dedicated website and everything!

Anyway, check out the TRF http://www.trf.org.uk/ if you’re in the UK.

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