Catch Up

Ok, so its been a month since the last blog. At te end of September i did the CTS Endurance Life Coastel marathon, this was the North Yorkshire one. Just to clarify and stroke my own ego, this is a trail/cross country run, the course record is around 4:30 this year.

I ended up going for the Friday & Saturday nigth, as it was near the wedding anniversary the wife suggested it! I was glad i didnt have get up at 5:30 to drive 2 hours to run 26 mile to run home!

Anyway, nice place, good food, good wine, worth a stay if you’re in the area. Not the most important part though.

The marathon, started at Ravenscar, ran down towards Scarbrough, back up the old Railway lines, saw some spectacular houses, especially the old railway station converted into houses (see pics). We then ran past the starting point and down towards Boggle Hole, along the beach, which is picturesque to run on, but a fucking bastard to do so after 15 miles already! We then run up through Boggle Hole, which is a hell of a climb, on some wonderfull cobbles (ballache). Towards Robin Hoods Bay/Whitby, then onto the Flying dale Moors. The last stretch was a nice run, but all i wanted to see was the sign that said 1 mile left! That was the longest mile of my life, so far!

This was my first marathon, everyone who asked me about the race and what i’d done before was pretty shocked i choosen this as my first one!! i wish i had met these people beofre i’d booked it.

All in all an awesome eperience, and i’m defo in for next year, with one slight problem, my sister wants to do a marathon, and has signed me up to the Yorkshire Marathon (in York, on the roads), now these marathons are 1 week apart!!!!!!! fuck it still doing em.

After the marathon went back to the hotel, chilled out in a bath, had some food and wine and a good nights kip! Now surprisingly it took me around 2 days to feel absolutly fine, don’t get me wrong after 2 days i didn’t start back in the gym or running, but my legs felt fine and i felt good.

The day after we went into Whitby onto Silver Street to the famous ‘Rusty Shears’, if you like Gin and good food, then i implore you to go, get to Whitby and go here, get drunk on Gin and eat good food.


This is my last two runs, so as i said signed up for Yorkshire Marathon next October, have a small 10k trail run race end of November, and i plan on doing Sprint Tris and Olymic Tris next year. Need to practice on the push iron though.



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