Knee problems over

So, the runners knee took around 6 – 8 weeks to finally disappear. This was in my left knee, and pretty much stopped me from doing anything in the end. I learnt quite a lot about being injured and why it happened. I basically quite the gym around October time, i still went for the swimming etc. but i no longer really did any workouts, thinking the running, biking and swimming would be enough. Turns out not really! who knew! So basically for 6 – 8 weeks i worked on strengthening the muscles in my legs, ass, back and even shoulders. I went to Yoga and still go! bought a foam roller, which i still use and some training bands. All this has helped a lot. And i know know that quitting the workouts was a major part, when i did my leg workouts i did squats, lunges straight leg deadlifts, leg curls etc. all this was helping my running. Back days were deadlifts too which also helped, so now all this is back in!

I did the Dunkeries 10 mile, like a week after my knee stopped hurting, which was about 10 weeks out from my last bit of running. Completed it without any bother from the knee, this was a cross country/trail run, the weather was shit, rain and snow on occasions, the mud was mega! my time was 1 hour 40 mins. My aim when i entered was 1 hour 10ish, but that was before my knee. I was happy to finish, run all the way and be pain free, screw the time.

This is the list of races i’ve signed up to so far,

11th March – Langsett Trail Run half marathon

2nd April – Dark & White Trail Run 17km

6th May – Lakeland Tails 17km

29th May – Wetherby Triathlon (olympic distance 1500m swim, 40km bike, 10km run)

11th June – Manvers Triathlon (i think this is more of a sprint)

8th October Yorkshire Marathon

Basically i have only looked at events up to June so far, the Marathon was booked in as my sister wanted to do it, so i signed up with her. I am wanting to an Ultra before the year is out if possible.

I’m looking forward to Saturday with the Langsett Trail, i originally entered the 10km due to the knee, but its been brill, so switched to the half marathon. Its where i go quite a lot in training so it should be good, and it leads up to a place called Margery Hill, which i have always wanted to go to, but its pretty remote and hard to find. It will be marked out on Saturday though!


Few snap shots of training, and the medal :-).

I’m also now, two week caffeine free!!!!


End of the year, nearly!

Yesterday i ran the Hobopace Wheatley 10.1 trail race. This is the last event until the New Year, I enjoyed this run, although i had a few problems with my shin at the beginning of the race and my knee at the end. I’m convinced this is down to my running technique, or lack of, i might get a coach to have a look for me, i convinced of this as today my body is perfectly fine, and surely if it was something injury wise it would hurt when i don’t run too? I go to Tenerife over Christmas, so will be chilling out doing no more than a few 5k’s and a spot of swimming, maybe in the sea 😉

Next year i plan to hit the road running and smash up the events, i’m going to look at when the last half Ironman of the year is and plan my year around doing that. I’m doing the Yorkshire Marathon in October with my sister, but that shouldn’t really get in the way, i don’t have to specifically train for this, as i will already be ready fitness and running wise. I have a 17km trial race at the end of Jan, and i intend to hit as many Sprint Tri’s and Olympic distance Tri’s as possible. While also still going touring on my bike, i could incorporate the two for some trail runs.

This is some of the training over the last few weeks, not all of it but some of it.


This is a few snaps of scenery from the runs and bike rides.

And a new bit of training kit, to sooth those aches and pains, by submitting yourself to more pain in the process of recovery.


These are the achievements of this year, The Sprint Triathlon, the Fan Dance Race, The North Yorkshire Coastal Marathon and the Wheatley 10.1.




What next!

Firstly i’m i bored of the titles, and have no idea what to call these!

Last week was pretty good, my knees are still playing up, but my stubbornness just tells me to run through the pain and carry on, i shouldn’t be responsible for my own advice! I have however done Yoga a few times in the last weeks to help my joints and flexibility, i’ve got some joint supplements from and some Protein to try and help with recovery.

I started out on Monday with a 30 min cardio session in the gym, just usual stuff, press ups, pull ups, squats, bench press etc. all high reps and done quick. Then i did 500m of swimming. Wednesday i have an hour of PT which is high intensity training mainly. Thursday i did some interval training on the rower, then back in the pool for, i think about 750m swim. Saturday was a 10 mile run, this was mainly on the trans pennine trail. This isn’t road or trail i normally do, its a path designed for walkers, horse riders etc, its a path! but i didn’t want to ruin my knees. The 10miles is to my sisters, and i felt awesome, no fatigue, aches or pains, i should have really carried on, but i have a small 10km trail run this weekend, and i’m trying to let my knees recover. Plus i then spent all morning building train tracks with the nephew.

Sunday i went on a bike ride, first one in ages and first off road one in years. Only went about 25km. I went with a mate, and borrowed his spare bike, i got on my road bike to get to his which is about 10km away so i had planned to do 45km, my fucking tyre was flat when i got on it though, i was not happy, but nothing i can do at 9:30 on a Sunday morning, so i just swore and threw my toys out of the pram. The plan was the bike ride, plus the biking to my mates, then jump off when i was home and do about 5km straight off the bike. My day was ruined!! its always the small things!!

I just went with my mate, then drove to gym and swam half a mile instead, i was still mad at my bike though.

The plan is hit as many sprint tri’s and tri’s throughout the year, with some trail runs thrown in. I’m going to see where i’m at in August/Sept then maybe see if there is a half ironman at the end of the year. I still have the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon and the North Yorkshire Coastal Marathon booked in too. Tomorrow i’m going to a Triathlon club, i’ll not mention my knees, unless i collapse!




Soooo, last week i planned to do about 10-15 miles trail run, i got to mile 8 and my knee kind of packed up! i tried to ‘jog it off’ that didn’t work too well. I’ve been doing other stuff to try and compensate, but the not running is doing my nut in. I did about 2km yesterday and a small bike ride and 1km in the gym in the middle of the week. Had a few twinges but the knee is getting better.

I’ve bought some straps, and some supplements for my joints, this is more of a future prevention than cure though. Been doing a spot of Yoga too to improve my range of motion and flexibility. Its only a 30 min class off the iPad. I daren’t go to a real class as i’m fucking terrible and have bad flexibility (at the minute)!

I have a 10km in two weeks, and booked a 17km for next year. Have the Yorkshire Marathon at the end of next year, plus the North Yorks Coastal one again (which is a week apart, fuck). I plan on doing as many Tri’s and Sprint Tri’s as possible too. My swimming is improving, which is good. The exception being i’m still not bike riding, and i’m now using dark nights as an excuse! I need to man up!

I bought some new trail running pumps too, then fucked my knee up!!!


Only managed to wear them once! They are good though, and a bargain at £32! I get 50% off with Vitality (life and health insurance) and they were also reduced due to no one buying this style due to the colour! like i care about the colour, and which sad pricks do! They are black after a few runs.

I also get 30% of Garmin too with Vitality and i though i would treat myself to the best thing ever!

This things is awesome, its the Fenix 3 HR. It literally is amazing. Before i had the polar heart monitor that worked through bluetooth on my phone which was highly annoying as i couldn’t check my heart rate or distance or anything basically without getting my phone out and fucking about. Honestly just get one, that is my review. Oh and it does indoor and outdoor swimming. Fantastic shit.


This is a new exhaust for the motorbike, the Yamaha XT660Z, the bike is wrapped up and in the garage for the winter. Then this will be going on for some adventure trips next year.


My only problem is i haven’t figured out how to properly use the Garmin Connect proper;y yet. I need to sit down and figure it out, i just figured while i’m not actually doing much i’ll figure it out when i’m busy. That makes sense doesn’t it!


Catch Up

Ok, so its been a month since the last blog. At te end of September i did the CTS Endurance Life Coastel marathon, this was the North Yorkshire one. Just to clarify and stroke my own ego, this is a trail/cross country run, the course record is around 4:30 this year.

I ended up going for the Friday & Saturday nigth, as it was near the wedding anniversary the wife suggested it! I was glad i didnt have get up at 5:30 to drive 2 hours to run 26 mile to run home!

Anyway, nice place, good food, good wine, worth a stay if you’re in the area. Not the most important part though.

The marathon, started at Ravenscar, ran down towards Scarbrough, back up the old Railway lines, saw some spectacular houses, especially the old railway station converted into houses (see pics). We then ran past the starting point and down towards Boggle Hole, along the beach, which is picturesque to run on, but a fucking bastard to do so after 15 miles already! We then run up through Boggle Hole, which is a hell of a climb, on some wonderfull cobbles (ballache). Towards Robin Hoods Bay/Whitby, then onto the Flying dale Moors. The last stretch was a nice run, but all i wanted to see was the sign that said 1 mile left! That was the longest mile of my life, so far!

This was my first marathon, everyone who asked me about the race and what i’d done before was pretty shocked i choosen this as my first one!! i wish i had met these people beofre i’d booked it.

All in all an awesome eperience, and i’m defo in for next year, with one slight problem, my sister wants to do a marathon, and has signed me up to the Yorkshire Marathon (in York, on the roads), now these marathons are 1 week apart!!!!!!! fuck it still doing em.

After the marathon went back to the hotel, chilled out in a bath, had some food and wine and a good nights kip! Now surprisingly it took me around 2 days to feel absolutly fine, don’t get me wrong after 2 days i didn’t start back in the gym or running, but my legs felt fine and i felt good.

The day after we went into Whitby onto Silver Street to the famous ‘Rusty Shears’, if you like Gin and good food, then i implore you to go, get to Whitby and go here, get drunk on Gin and eat good food.


This is my last two runs, so as i said signed up for Yorkshire Marathon next October, have a small 10k trail run race end of November, and i plan on doing Sprint Tris and Olymic Tris next year. Need to practice on the push iron though.